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ACF Team Building are experts in providing companies with a tailor made solution to suit their needs

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The term “team building” has become a buzzword in recent years and most businesses, from SME’s to multinational companies will take teams, departments or even the entire company on these days.

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Those companies yet to adopt these ‘new-fangled’ concepts of breaking down hierarchical barriers, bonding and problem solving outside of the office environment are pretty late to the party. For years, throughout the world companies have found these days result in greater productivity, improved morale and individuals have become empowered and more motivated within the company.

ACF Team Building are experts in providing companies with a tailor made solution to suit their needs. Teams can come to them, they can go to you, or they’ve even got agreements with a number of hotels including Cadbury House in Yatton where you can stay.
There are conference facilities on-site and they can provide catering, so whether there’s 5 or 500 of you, ACF will be able to create the perfect day.

We went along to see it in action and to speak with one of their qualified and knowledgeable instructors. We tried the 4×4 off-roading and the segway which were both an enormous amount of fun. Mark (our instructor) told us that ‘blind-folded 4x4s’ was a popular trust exercise with corporates and they tend to mix up the roles, so an office junior may be giving instructions to the head of finance.
We spent the first part of the morning navigating ourselves around an off-road course in an old Land Rover Defender. We drove down steps, through hedges, across logs and through deep pits of mud. Mark offered us helpful tips the whole way round and was extremely calm and collected even when the wheels seemed to have a mind of their own and the car started heading towards a fairly large drop!

company away day Afterwards we tried something a little less skilful – the segway. These have been around for years but the technology of them is improving all the time and the sensitivity of the foot pads is really very impressive. We set about doing an obstacle course and a bit of off-roading on them and it was a brilliant introduction to the machine.
Mark told us of an engineering company with 300 employees who came along one day: they divided them up into various teams and all were given a different duty. They were tasked with designing and building a 10ft pyramid using nothing but cardboard. Various tasks needed to be completed in advance and the teams had to work together and then come together to ensure the execution was performed seamlessly.

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Bomb disposal tends to be an extremely popular activity along with ‘air rifle scrabble’ and soap box derby. Whatever the culture of your company, ACF will be able to come up with some activities that will help you motivate your employees to greater efficiency, motivation and therefore help meet you company KPI’s.
From a good old fashioned company day out, summer celebration or Christmas party, we’d recommend the Clay Pigeon Shooting, Tank Driving, 4x4s or Racing Minis, or if you’re looking for team-building exercises with psychometric testing, inter-personal skill development or just your classic team build. Give ACF a call today on 01934 862305 or check out the details on their website

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